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Product finders are a kind of magic

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Why does this work?

We all have to make *so many* decisions every day–why do we ask our hard-won website visitors to make even more?

Research shows that even the most basic product recommendation gives folks increasing confidence in their purchase decisions

Product match quizzes are a great way to educate them about your offerings in a way that can be fun and engaging.

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Unlimited possibilities with an easy, no code solution.

For e-commerce managers, digital marketers, site developers. Build a product finder that feels just like your brand.

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Simple yet sophisticated.

It’s pretty simple to use Jebbit. Pick your site, choose your products, and Jebbit’s software helps you easily do the rest.

The “logic” behind your product recommendations can handle nearly any complexity. But the consumer experience is always fun, simple, and engaging.

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Educational can be fun. It can also help sell. Product finders prove it.

81% of visitors completed the experience

85% of consumers matched made a purchase

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150% increase in average spend

“Pour Moi Skincare is a brand that challenges conventional wisdom and therefore we needed an unconventional way to educate and break through. Jebbit helps us do that while delivering an amazing customer experience that drives sales.”

Ulli Haslacher, President and Founder, Pour Moi

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