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Personality Quizzes Can Drive Personalization

Why does this work?

Creating a personality quiz can drive value for the consumer while helping you better understand your consumers in a way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Personality Quizzes enable you to;

  • Build Unique Retargeting Lists
  • Send Personalize Emails
  • Help Create Customer Profiles
  • Recommend Products on Personality
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One Jebbit Personality Quiz can be shared across any channel

  • Embed on Your Site
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  • Add in an Email
  • Use in Paid Marketing
  • Include in Text Message Campaigns
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It’s pretty simple to use Jebbit. 

  1. Pick your site
  2. Choose your questions
  3. Add in your Personalities 
  4. Jebbit’s software helps you easily do the rest.

The “logic” behind your personality quizzes can handle nearly any complexity. But the consumer experience is always fun, simple, and engaging.

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